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Discover the Benefits of A Real Estate Career & Business with Huttons - The Best Real Estate Agency To Join in Singapore!

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1) Diamond Package - FREE CEA FEES for 2016 & 2017 (immediate switch to Huttons now) for Experienced Agents with Income Proof of >$15K gross commission (or closed 1 project deal)

2) Gold Package - FREE CEA FEES for 2017 (if switching to Huttons only in 2017) for Experienced Agents with Income Proof of >$15K gross commission (or closed 1 project deal)

3) Silver Package - FREE CEA FEE Reimbursement for 2017 for New Agents or Experienced Agents with No Income Proof - as long as you earn >$15K gross commission (or close 1 local project deal or 2 International projects) within 5 months of joining

GET YOUR FREE CEA FEES with Huttons! It's So Easy!

Looking around for the best real estate agency to join? Learn about the numerous benefits of starting or advancing your real estate career and business in Huttons!

Yes! It can really make a difference. Find out how I and many other agents made it from "Zero" (sales) in one agency to "Hero" now in Huttons!

Huttons Real Estate Group has grown rapidly in recent years to become one of the largest and most successful property agencies in Singapore, offering its associates tremendous opportunities in a wide range of properties including landed houses, condominiums, apartments, shops, offices, industrial and overseas / foreign properties. Yet we remain like a family and operate with fairness, transparency and meritocracy, offering equal opportunity for anyone and everyone to succeed.

One of the benefits of embarking on your real estate career with Huttons is our comprehensive portfolio of services, including:

  • Projects Marketing

  • Residential Sales and Leasing

  • Commercial Sales and Leasing

  • Corporate Residential Services

  • Training and Development

Other benefits include:

  • High commission structure starting from 80/20 and advancing quickly to 90/10 with just $50K Gross Commission Earned (GCE), vs most other agencies starting at 70/30

  • High commission payout for project launches, averaging 1.1% and as high as 8.5% (possible to make $200K with just one deal!)

  • Huttons is the Leader in project launches, offering a wide range of products you can market immediately upon joining, including landed houses, condominiums, apartments, shops, offices, industrial and overseas properties.

  • You will have over 80 projects to market immediately upon joining!

  • Newbies with no prior experience can also join our project launches and fast track their career with equal opportunity (unlike most other agencies where you would need to cobroke with the core team or more senior agents)

  • Easy to close with Free-of-Charge (FOC) Tagging by experienced Core Team agents trained in the respective projects (they present and close for you while you still earn your full commission!)

  • Leverage on our extensive IT systems that will help increase your sales and productivity

  • Transparency, fairness and support

  • Medical Benefits - Huttons is the only real estate agency that provide medical benefits for our agents!

  • Legal Support for all Huttons associates!

  • Learn the "Secrets to Success" and master our proprietary techniques and strategies that launched our team mates to success within the first year in Huttons! (exclusively for TTT Division in Huttons)


WHY Real Estate?

Discover Your True Potential with The Tremendous Team (TTT) in Huttons!

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